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100% Acrylic System

SportsTurf - Surface for Outdoor & Indoor Surface:

  • The best Acrylic Surface..
  • True Playing Surface and easy to slide and Jump
  • Quality & Unmatched Value - Totally Customer Oriented
  • Limitless choice for Designers Court.

Deco surface is the most economical compared to any other surface for outdoor sport all Season Synthetic Surface, In use since no more than 30 years. Already we have laid more than 50 Basketball courts Pan India.

Can be laid on Asphalt Concrete or any carpet form be it SBR Matt, Fiber Reinforced Sport – “SFCO MATT” Mats or Polyurethane Foam Carpets

Is available in 3 Variants , Non Cushion Surface & Cushion Surface for providing safe surface to minimize injuries to Heals and Legs Muscles Normal Cushion and Super Cushion Surface, for providing