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Fiber reinforced panelized squash court walls

WSF accredited system for world class Squash & Racket Court, with inbuilt warranty for 10 years.

With fixed Panel size 8' x 4', with required thickness to withstand the impact of the ball hitting at a very high speed, to impart very true and • equal bounce, are laid on a very strong frame work. Can be installed against any kind of sub construction, be it STONE WALLS, RCC or BRICK MASONARY.

Each panel is fixed with concealing screwing and additionally strengthened with polyurethane adhesive. The final finish is smooth, a very Strong Wall in line and level with perfect plumb to provide for uninterrupted game for years altogether


World Class Squash Courts

With Experience of 30 years, we provide the Best Sports Facilities at per with International Standards. our Squash & Racket Courts are made up with accredited Hard Wall Plaster, Panelizes Wall and the Wooden flooring by the World Squash Federation. All our works are personal and time bound with inbuilt warranties.