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100% Acrylic System

Deco Turf Also provides - 2nd Tier Tennis Surface – “ALL SPORT”

  • Economical Acrylic Surface for Tennis Surfaces
  • Equal Choice in Colour Combinations and easy to maintain
  • Qualities & Unmatched Value for 2ND tier Product.

“ALL SPORT” acrylic Surface for Indoor and Outdoor Surface, economical and available in multi colour combinations to meet the architects demands .

Available in Non Cushion and Multi Cushion Surfaces, ranging from 3 cushion coats to 6 Cushion Coats.

Easy to maintain, provides for quality play surface.

Can be used on Asphalt, Concrete or any other surface, but should be firm and sound. Product from makers of Decoturf, under R & D Tested economical tennis surface.