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100% Acrylic System

SportsTurf - Tennis Surface of Champions

  • The best Acrylic Surface for Tennis Surface of Champions
  • Vibrant True Playing Surface and easy to maintain
  • Quality & Unmatched Value - Totally Customer Oriented

Deco Turf Reputed for the highest quality tennis court surfaces & in India providing the best customer service and sales support thru SPORTS FACILITIES CO PVT. LTD. ASBA member since 2012

Since inception, now in its 32nd year as the Surface of the US Open, used at the world's most prestigious events including the US Open since 1978, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Davis Cup and Fed Cup matches, and at many of the finest facilities around the world.


Can be laid on Asphalt Concrete or any carpet form be it SBR Matt, Fiber Reinforced Sport – “SFCO MATT” Mats or Polyurethane Foam Carpets

DECO SYSTEMS are offered in three Variants :

  • DECOCOLOR TENNIS SURFACE - Non Cushion Consisting of 3 Coats Consists of Resurfacer and Two Top Coats of DecoColor
  • DECOTURF: Cushioned surface totally layers of 8 Layers Consists of Resurfacer, 5 Cushion Coats and Two Top Coats of DecoColor
  • PRODECOTRUF: Super Cushioned Surface – US Open Grade Consists of Resurface, 6 Cushion coats, Sealer Coat and Two Top Coats of DecoColor