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A very fast and very effective sport of today, We have the total expertise to offer the best in Squash Court; we have today nearly more 200 installations in India,


World Squash Federation and England Squash accredited system.
Squash Court Wall Systems:

The Best - Hard Plaster systems for the Squash Court

  • Excellent High Impact & Flexural Strength for effective uniform bounce
  • Highly Resilient with Excellent Bonding with the Substrate.
  • Has excellent bond with any substrate be it Brick Masonry, Cement Block , or Cement Concrete
  • Easy to Clean and maintain.

“REBOUND” Dynamic, state of art, CRG Micro Mix, lab tested with years of research is superior to Gypsum based system, which tends to De-Laminate due to constant hammering , and being gypsum based inherently tends to lose strength due t humidity and condensation. The technology ensures that the “REBOUND “Plaster are least crack prone.

Laid in 3 Stages:

  • Base Coat: Coarse graded with micro cement mix, laid as base plaster to ensure total firmness
  • and uniform level of the substrate
  • Finish Coat: Finer graded CRG Mix, ready to use with accelerator, to a thickness of 8mm to 4mm,depending on the wall profile and court use .
  • Paint Coat: This is optional, but provides excellent protection from fast staining of the walls from
  • Rubber Ball Marks, Racket Graphite Marks, Sweat and Dust partiles.

World Class Squash Courts

With Experience of 30 years, we provide the Best Sports Facilities at per with International Standards. our Squash & Racket Courts are made up with accredited Hard Wall Plaster, Panelizes Wall and the Wooden flooring by the World Squash Federation. All our works are personal and time bound with inbuilt warranties.